At Evolution Rehab, one of our essential pillars for guiding people towards overall health and wellbeing, is through the maintenance of pain free, beautiful, efficient, effortless and flowing movement.

Beautiful movement doesn’t have to remain within the exclusive and stereotypical remit of those who are involved in professional sport or dance. Whether it’s the office worker lightly and effortlessly bounding up the tube escalators on the way to work, or the pensioner who delicately tends to the flowers in her garden with a grace and poise which belies her age. Beautiful movement is not simply a question of aesthetics as a goal in itself. It is the visual manifestation of physical efficiency which is realised as an expression of how an individual effectively balances and manages forces through the body.

The importance of moving well and efficiently engaging within a large diverse of movement, serves more for your health than simply lowering your blood pressure or reducing your waistline. Moving gracefully and moving regularly, amongst other things, can also positively contribute towards your emotional health, the long term health of your joints, your skill of balance and your ability to maintain independence as you move into your twilight years.

In a world of increasingly sedentary lifestyles, many people lack the basic structural and movement foundations which serve as a platform for them to be able to engage in physical activity with the enjoyment and freedom that comes with knowing how to properly use their body. Let us help guide you back to a life of movement and excitement, for a world full of possibilities unlocked through moving well and beautifully.

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If you don’t find what you are looking for, please feel to get in touch, as our movement experts have a combined knowledge base and experience of over 50 years in Sports Conditioning, Movement coaching, Movement Rehabilitation and Postural education. We are sure that we will be able to tailor something towards your specific needs!

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