Autumn, the second week of September and I’m sitting on the tube crossing over to north west London to immerse myself within the Anatomy in Motion concepts presented by Gary Ward and Chris Sritharan. Having read Gary’s book (“What the Foot?”) over a year prior to the course, I was curious to learn more about Gary’s unique take upon human movement and gait (the study of walking). Guided by Gary’s five big rules of movement and his book, I was ready to take on his six day course and venture out of my comfort zones!
I was not dissapointed! Right from day one, we were taken through a week of both understanding and learning a comprehensive map of the human body which detailed the actions of every joint in the body as it moves through the six phases of gait; STRIKE, SUSPENSION, TRANSITION, SHIFT, PROPULSION & SWING. Using the map as a guide, we were then shown how every joint in the body is affected and moved in all directions during each phase of the gait cycle. We were also provided with a detailed education upon foot mechanics as it happens when the foot hits the ground up to the point upon when it leaves the ground to take another step forward. Through this detailed exploration, we were able to identify how missing links of movement found within the different phases of gait coupled with possible pain and movement dysfunction in the body. It was amazing to physically see how a problem with someone’s foot could be the cause of their chronic neck pain, or how their long standing wrist injury can affect the mechanics of their knee. The detailed map created by Gary made it possible to link these movement dots together.
The solution to fixing the movement dysfunction was a demonstration of genius in simplicity of the highest order! It resulted in giving back the pieces of the gait cycle that the individual is missing. Hence, through engaging in a variety of gait related exercises one is able to either structurally or neurologically restore the movement dysfunction and as Gary would say, “Bring the individual back to centre!”
The premise of the course was equally enlightening as I now possessed a medium of healing that is accessible to nearly all of my patients and one that will continue to heal them with every step that they take! Of course, Anatomy in motion and Gary’s movement concepts represents so much more than the not so simple task of beautiful, efficient gait but if I can help all of my patients walk better and bring them “Back to centre”, I feel that would be an extremely good position to start their journey back to movement health!
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