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Evolution Rehab – Moving You Through Body and Mind
  • Moving You Through Body and Mind

    we have the skills and expertise to help you with any of your aches, pains and ailments.

About Us

We are an Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Movement Rehabilitation and Sports Conditioning consultancy based in central London. The mission of our specialist rehabilitation team is the treatment, prevention and diagnosis of musculoskeletal and sporting injuries.

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This is what and how we do


At Evolution Rehab, we offer a variety of manual therapy and movement rehabilitation services to cater for your healthcare needs. All of our different therapists are highly qualified in a variety of different manual therapy specialisms so that we can enable you to get back to moving better, feeling better and enjoying your life again. Our therapists work as an integrated team and together, we are able to formulate a systematic and structured plan to not only address your pain but also help to reduce the likelihood of your injury reoccurring.

Beautiful Movement

At Evolution Rehab, we consider that one of the ultimate expressions of musculoskeletal and neuromuscular health is through the act of pain free, beautiful, efficient, effortless and flowing movement. Beautiful movement doesn’t have to remain within the exclusive and stereotypical remit of those who are involved in professional sport or dance. It is the visual manifestation of physical efficiency which is realised as an expression of how an individual effectively balances and manages forces through the body. Whatever your movement goal may be, our staff are highly qualified to help you both move and feel better.

Our Services

Highly Trained and Qualified Staff

Our staff are qualified in a variety of cutting edge manual therapy and movement rehabilitation system including Functional Range Release, Functional Range Conditioning, Joanne Elphinston Movement Systems, Anatomy in Motion (as featured recently on the BBC 1 programme, “Doctor in the House.”), Performance Stability, Functional Movement Screen and Sports Functional Movement Assessment.

Therapy Specialists

With over 50 years combined experience working in Professional Sports, Manual Healthcare and Movement Rehabilitation, our team of Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Sports Injury Therapists and Movement/Rehabilitation Coaches are extremely well qualified to help you get back on your feet. Our team of experts have experience working with a variety of amateur/professional athletes who have competed at both national and international levels in sports including Rugby, Tennis, Powerlifting, Badminton, Cricket, Golf, Thai Boxing and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Nutritional and Functional Medicine

At Evolution Rehab, we value your internal health as much as how you look on the outside. We are able to provide nutritional consultations and functional testing to help evaluate how well your digestive, hormonal, neurological and physiological systems are operating. Our nutritional consultations have helped many of our patients lose weight, feel stronger and mover better.

Health Insurance Cover

We are covered with most health insurance providers including Aviva, Vitality, Simplyhealth, Cigna and WPA. Most health insurance policies provide cover for osteopathic and physiotherapy care but please do check with your provider before booking an appointment with us.

Movement Training and Group Classes

At our facility, we provide a variety of training options to help you keep fit, healthy and moving well. Please check out our movement page to find out more about our Group Classes and our Healthy movers Program.

Open 6 Days A Week

Our team of manual therapists and movement experts are available from Monday through to Saturday.

Raymond is able to establish the source of pain and suggest ways to remedy it. His investigations are extremely thorough, with an exhaustive examination of posture and movement.

Our Location

Ground Floor, 3 Nugent Terrace, London, NW8 9QB, UK
0207 286 4400