Posture……It is important, but not how we think!

Posture is often misunderstood, and it is a commonly oversimplified concept within the context of healthcare and movement today. So many of us attribute moral value to our postures. We often talk about our posture and how bad it is, … Read More

Periods: Knowing your Normal!

I am writing this blog on the tail-end of my period. My first period for five years, and my first menstrual bleed since September 2018. I was elated, overwhelmed and so happy when I saw blood on the toilet paper, that … Read More

We seem to be forgetting about our Happiness!

In all developed countries around the globe, from the moment that we are able to properly recognise and interact with the world around us, our lives get increasingly intwined and pulled along at brake neck speeds. With the advent of … Read More

It’s time to think about MOVEMENT and not just exercise!

I always look at how modern life can be so ironic! For all of us living through the current world wide technological revolution, our pace of life and productivity seem to only be continually increasing. But in spite of our … Read More

Nutrition….a return to trusting yourself…..

When the World Wide Web was popularised in the early 90s, there were many who thought the invention of the internet, as we recognise it today, would help to level the intellectual playing field and bring a greater level of … Read More

Sleep…….the overlooked factor.

Growing up as a young child off the coast of Mallorca, I was always taught the value of having a good work ethic and not shying away from an honest day of hard work. As a university student living in … Read More


  I don’t think there is any real need to further argue the necessity that we should all try to move more. The evidence has been out there for quite some time and most of us should be in agreement … Read MoreRead More


    The necessity of movement is an essential part of being human! Whilst many of the great minds of our time put forward that being human involves a variety of concepts such as imagination, empathy and intellectual consciousness, I would … Read MoreRead More


At Evolution Rehab, one of the defining missions that we try to impress onto our patients is upon the education and understanding of the fundamental principles for sustainable, practical and healthy lifestyles within modern living. We provide this foundation for … Read MoreRead More